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Cuttin Up Jack Russells The Fun Is Just Beginning

Breeders Name: Sharon Overton
Business Name: Cuttin Up Jack Russells
Location: Seymour Texas
Phone Number: (940) 631-6159

Breeder Biography: I got Rocky, my first Jack Russell Puddin, in September of 1993 and several people tried to buy Rocky because they said he looked like a body builder and they really liked that.  After he was grown and people decided I wouldn’t sell my “little boy”, they started asking about puppies from him.  So in 1994 I found a short legged girl and starting raising these great little dogs.

I actually got Rocky as a gift from a friend of mine because my German Shepard had died and I took it hard.  I

Shorty Jack Russells

wasn’t really a small dog person, but I was surprised at how fast I fell in love with this little boy!!  He was smart (he had me trained before I realized it!) , loyal and had all the traits that I loved in big dogs.  I really liked the fact he was a big dog in a small dog package!  He went with everywhere with me for many years.   As I said on my website, I thought Rocky was a special little guy and alto he was VERY special to me, I soon realized after finding other JRT females, that those traits that I loved so much about Rocky were typical of the breed.  I have been in love the breed ever since!!

I have a small kennel raising only Jack Russell Puddins, I do it all myself and stay very busy!!  I believe the only way to raise happy healthy puppies is to have happy healthy adults.  I try to retire my “girls” while they are still young enough to enjoy the “good life” too and strive to find them homes where they can live out the rest of their lives in comfort being loved and taken care of.  I tell people, my little dogs take care of me and so I do my best to take care of them in return.  I am very blessed and I give all the glory to my Lord for this business.

I have to say, I have met some really nice people from all over the world and consider all of them to be my friends.  I love my job, I love my puppies and I love the people I deal with.  Dog people are the Best!!

Dog Breeds: Shortie Jack Russell (Also known as The Shortie Jack, Puddin, Russell Terrier and The Shorty Jack Russell

Mission Statement: “Our Shorties Are Known For Their Wonderful, Friendly, And Calm Temperament”

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