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Reputable Dog Breeders

The idea sounds rather well, ideal. A Reputable dog breeders in the United States that breeds quality puppies for sale. Everyone has their opinion and many have written about this opinion but what is a fair assessment of a “reputable dog breeder”? We have talked to dog breeders from all over the country and dog owners as well as people who are looking for a puppy to get their opinions and this is what we have found.

Dog owners and dog buyers alike have very strong opinions that a dog breeder should not be over producing Reputable Dog Breedersdogs from one mother as well as producing too many dogs for them to care for at their facility. Most individuals have also mentioned that they are ok with a dog breeder having several breeding bitches on hand as long as they are cared for and loved by the owner or “staff” on a daily basis. The idea is simple really a dog breeder who cares for the dogs will not put them in bad living conditions or unhealthy living conditions as well as they will work with these dogs on a regular basis. Domesticated animals should be treated as a beloved animal by whomever they are with on a regular basis. Dogs that are loved on and cared for on a regular basis make for a quality animal. When you have a quality animal to breed you will have a quality puppy to sell.

The term backyard breeder was mentioned on a rather consistent basis as well and the response to us was baffling. The term is a overly miss leading and often taken out of context. The term refers to people who produce puppies in a small capacity (for example one or two litters a year) with dogs that are considered to be “mutts”. Mutts are dogs that are a mix of several breeds or a mix of dog breeds that the owner is just not sure what breeds are present. This produces dogs that are not a considered to be pure breed dogs and because of this they are considered less desirable. Because of this some people are discouraged from purchasing dogs from someone who has these “back yard breedings” and feel that they are almost pushed into purchasing a dog from someone who is a mass producer of puppies.

With all this being said buyers are not sure who and where to purchase a puppy from and this makes them vulnerable as a purchaser because they are not sure who to trust with and often times are taken advantage of when purchasing.

Our opinion is simple. Always check into the dog breeder. The number of dogs that they have should tell you the kind of dog breeder they are going to be. Know the dogs that produced the puppy that you are going to purchase. Visit the facility if at all possible but buying online is not a negative or bad experience. Research will always benefit you across the board so do your research about the breeder as well as the dog breed and you should take home the right dog for you and your dogs lifetime.

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